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Permanent hair straightening is possible by using a chemical solution that is either ammonium-based, common to most perms, or sodium-based. Understand the chemical hair straightening process with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to talk to you about permanent hair straightening. There's two different types of hair straightening. There is permanent, and then there's the mechanical. Mechanical is what you're going to do, when you use a flatiron, and when you shampoo your hair, it goes back curly. Permanent hair straightening will make your hair permanently straight, or until the curl grows back out. You're going to want to use a chemical straightener of some sort, so they're either going to be ammonium based, or they're going to be sodium or guanidine based, and the difference between the two is just the steps. You don't however, want to mix the two, so if you've ever used an ammonium based relaxer, and you think it might still be in your hair, do not then go and use a sodium based relaxer, because the two don't mix, and your hair will actually break off. Sodium based relaxers are a lot simpler. You apply it, and then finish with a neutralizing shampoo. You would just simply apply it to your hair, using a relaxer brush, or your hands, and you're just going to apply it to the hair, let it sit for the amount of time, and then finish with the neutralizer. With the ammonium based products, they are similar to perm technology, so you're going to use step one, like you would a waving lotion, and then step two, would be your neutralizer, and you only leave that on for five minutes, so these are the items that you have in your arsenal of chemical straightening.


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