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Fuel mileage can be enhanced by simply getting regular oil changes, changing the air and fuel filters every 15,000 miles, using fuel treatments and keeping the proper tire pressure. Maintain a car to get better gas mileage with information from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs.

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Good afternoon. My name is Tom Brintzenhofe, certified master mechanic, from Reading, Pennsylvania, and today, I'm going to talk a little bit, how to up your gas mileage on your vehicle. There's a couple of rules of thumb here, when you're trying to increase your fuel mileage. Your biggest downfall is going to be, is your vehicle maintenance. The best option you can, in increasing your gas mileage, is make sure your oil is changed on a routine basis, your filters, your air filter, your fuel filter. They all get changed about every 15,000 miles, is a good rule of thumb. The second thing you can do, there's a lot of gas treatments out there. Here's one from Prestone. It works pretty good, treats up to twenty five gallons. The second one would be, Lucas. This is my choice in fuel injector cleaners. It works good for cleaning the injection system, your rails, your fuel injectors out. This unfortunate, is a larger bottle. You're not going to use this whole thing. This one treats up to about a hundred gallons. Although you see, it's pretty yucky. I've used it up pretty good. The biggest thing a lot of people overlook, is your tire pressure. Your tire pressure is your biggest killer, when it comes to fuel economy. Make sure your tire pressure is where it needs to be, your vehicle maintenance is up to par, and also like I said, these fuel treatments right here, can make a big difference, but those three things in effect, can really increase your fuel mileage.


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