Where Does Photosynthesis Occur?

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Photosynthesis occurs in all green plants, as carbon oxide and water are converted into sugars and oxygen through the chemical catalyst called chlorophyll. Discover the process of photosynthesis, where plants create energy, with interesting information from a math and science teacher in this free video on science.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Steve Jones and I'm going to tell you where photosynthesis occurs. Well first of all what is photosynthesis, well this is the equation and it's basically the process by which carbon oxide and water are converted to sugars and oxygen generally in green plants. The green is chlorophyll which is the catalyst that enables radiation from the sun to allow this process to go ahead. Now where does this occur. Well obviously because it's an effect of chlorophyll, chlorophyll is the chemical that actually makes this happen, it happens in all green plants. If something is green, then it's green because this reaction is needed to make energy. Most commonly of course we recognize that trees have green leaves. They don't actually have to be bright green, or any particular green, they can be various different greens it doesn't actually matter. The radiation comes from the sun and is absorbed in the leaf. In the green part of the plant. Then this process occurs. Now some plants have needle like leaves, again this is not important as long as those leaves can get the sun, and as long as they can get carbon dioxide and water, water of course comes from the root. As long as they can get those elements, it doesn't matter where it is. Of course if you look on the ground you fill find that there are very few green objects. You look at at the root of a plant, it isn't green. The reason it isn't green is because there is no light, therefore there's no chlorophyll to turn that light or to use that light to turn carbon dioxide and water into sugar. So you don't create sugar in the roots of plants. Because that's not what roots are for. So generally you will see that the green chlorophyll is contained in the stems and the leaves of plants. Those parts which are exposed to light.


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