What Are the Features of the PSP?

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Features of the PSP include a large, bright screen, Internet connectivity, a UMD disc and a full-fledged music player. Find out about game-sharing features on the PSP with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about some of the features of the PSP. One of the things I like to start with when I'm talking about a PSP is this beautiful, bright, huge screen that's perfect for game play, portable video. It's certainly the best screen on any portable in the market. Let's not forget that the PSP has Internet connectivity. That means that you have full built in wireless browser that you can use to surf websites or listen to Internet radio or even connect to other PSPs and play multi player games. The UMD disc is an off shoot of CDs, DVDs and can hold a lot of data. So you can have really sophisticated games on here. In terms of power, the PSP is as powerful as the original Playstation. That's sheer horsepower. And that's great because it means that you have a really great variety of 3D games, first person shooters, racers, things like that. That really depend on a great 3D engine. So when you've got a huge screen with a really solid 3D engine, you've got a gaming experience like, that has never been seen on a portable console. Of course it's a full fledged music player, photo browser, video player either from the memory stick or UMD discs. Really high quality all around. So it's a full fledged multi media machine. It even got game sharing so you can play the same game from one disc on multiple machines. So there are a lot of great features on the PSP that you won't find on any other portable console.


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