How Long Does a PSP Battery Last?

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A PSP's battery performance depends on how it's being used, so a game may use up a battery in three to six hours. Find out how to save battery power by reducing the brightness of a PSP screen with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Let's talk today a little bit about how long a PSP battery will last. There are a lot of factors to this, but on average your PSP battery when you're playing a game will last three to six hours, depending on how much it accesses the the game disc; playing videos, three to five hours. That's assuming you're playing videos from a UMD disc. And up to ten hours if you're playing music files, so it's much more efficient if you're just using your PSP as a music machine. There are other factors that affect this. Brightness of the screen can definitely affect PSP efficiency on the battery. If you crank the brightness down you can get a considerable amount of time on that battery. Volume, driving the speakers, that takes up battery time, so if you if you put the volume at a lower setting you're going to get more juice out of that battery. Also, note that the PSP slim battery like the one I have here is not, does not have as many cells as the original PSP battery, and you can use the original PSP battery in a PSP slim; however, it's a thicker battery so you won't be able to get the battery compartment back on. So, that's that's something that is the best-case scenario, but if you want to get a few extra volts to your PSP that is one way to do it. The there's an expansion battery pack available, as as well. That does come up with a new battery pack case, but if you have a red or differently colored one note that it only comes in black so it won't necessarily match.


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