How to Select a Cocker Spaniel

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To select a cocker spaniel, consider the high-maintenance grooming requirements, the gentle temperament and the different variations of the breed, such as the English and American cocker spaniel. Learn about the cocker spaniel breed with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to select a cocker spaniel first you can start with which variation of cocker spaniel you're interested in. Ollie here is an English cocker spaniel. They tend to be a little bit larger and then there are American cocker spaniels as well. Do some reading on the breed. There's a lot of information in print and online, and talk to other people who have cocker spaniels. Make sure that it's a good breed for your life, your family life now and in the future. You know, hopefully you're, this dog will be a part of your family for fifteen or more years. Grooming is a consideration with a cocker spaniel. You want to make sure that's something you are willing to engage in. Cocker spaniels tend to be affectionate to people and other dogs, pretty easy going, easy to train. Maybe not the best guard dog in the world, but definitely get a good friend out of a cocker spaniel. Cocker Spaniels are probably going to weigh 20-30 pounds depending upon the breed, or the individual dog. You need to consider getting a dog from a reputable breeder, one who takes into consideration when breeding temperament and health of the animal, or consider getting a dog from a rescue.


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