How to Select a Chinese Shar-Pei

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When selecting a Chinese shar-pei, consider the dog's original responsibility, which was to be a guard dog, and find a reputable breeder who breeds in low quantities for the best temperament and health. Research the shar-pei, contacting other shar-pei owners to get a feel for the breed, with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to select a Chinese shar-pei you will want to consider not just the look of the dog and and some anecdotal things you may have heard about the breed of dog, but actually talk to people who own a shar-pei and enjoy the breed. Also, do some research online and in print to figure out if this is really the right breed for you now and dur, and for their full lifespan whether it be ten or fifteen years, cause this is a a commitment for the life of the dog. One thing to consider about them is their size. They're generally large medium, and run about sixty pounds. These are all general characteristics. Again, individual dogs will vary for sure. Consider their original intent for the breed. In this case, the breed was probably bred to be a guard dog. They may not be good with other dogs. They may not be terribly affectionate towards people because of those characteristics, and so that those are things to take into account. And then, when you actually go to select an individual dog highly recommend you work with a reputable breeder who breeds on a small scale, which means that it will be rather expensive, but you're probably getting a dog, and I would research this on the individual breeder, but hopefully would get a dog who is from parents that are fairly steady in terms of health and temperament. And then, outside of that you may consider looking for the dog you want in a rescue.


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