How to Select a Border Collie

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Selecting a border collie is ideal for the active individual, as they can be quite energetic dogs who have a tendency to herd people and animals. Understand a border collie's personality with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to select a border collie always take into consideration more information about the breed. Are you choosing this breed simply based on how they look, or are you considering what it is going to be like to live with this dog for the next fifteen years hopefully, or more. Is this dog going to fit into your lifestyle now, and grow with you and fit into your lifestyle in the future? You want to take a look at as many resources as you can, either printed or or on the web, and you want to talk to some people, hopefully, who own the dog; keeping in mind or the breed of dog you're interested in, keeping in mind that there are general ideas about the breed, and then there are the individual dogs that need to be taken into consideration. Border collies are very active dogs. They tend to have herding hardwired in, and so they are dogs really almost for sporting type people. They tend to be great for agility and other sports. Sometimes they like to herd people and other animals. Sometimes, other animals don't like that. They can be great or difficult with children, because they can always be herding them and kind of nipping at your heels as you're going along, so take all of that into consideration. But, they're a lovely dog. The grooming requirements are not very high. This is Lucille. In addition to being beautiful, she's a very sweet and affectionate dog. She does like to herd the other dogs sometimes, and that can make it a little difficult for her to get along with everybody, but she generally gets along well with other dogs, and people, and even children.


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