How to Buy an English Bulldog

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Buying an English bulldog involves either finding a reputable breeder who will charge a premium or locating a breed-specific rescue group to consider adoption. Bring home an English bulldog, who are generally sociable and personable, with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

We're going to talk about how to buy an English Bulldog. First you should know something about the breed. Often we see and think, oh no, they're a wonderful dog and we have a perception of what that dog is like. But they aren't always that way. It's important that you understand about grooming requirements, and temperament, general temperament. Will the dog fit in your lifestyle? Is this a dog who can stay home all day while you're at work? Is this a dog who can jog with you and maybe will this dog be good around children? And, you know, your potential to have children five years down the road, you'll still have the dog. Does your dog get along, is this dog likely to get along with cats and other dogs? Those kind of things are important to know. In the case of an English Bulldog, we have a pretty heavy compact dog so their exercise requirements are a little less. And they are usually known to people expect them to be stubborn. So they're a little, maybe a little bit more challenging to train. And they could potentially have some health problems that you might want to look at going down the road. And they can be wary of strange dogs so if you're in an environment where they might encounter a lot of other dogs that would be something to take a look at. But they do tend to be playful and funny and really enjoyable sweet dogs with a good comical personality. And again, this is a generalization. You know, this can vary from dog to dog. When you're buying a dog, you want to make sure you're working with a reputable breeder. If you're intent upon purchasing a dog of a specific characteristic as a puppy. And then you want to keep in mind that you're going to be paying a lot of money. Because a reputable breeder is going to breed a smaller quantity of dogs and they're going to be more selective about the dogs that they breed to try to produce a healthier animal and an animal with better temperament characteristics rather than just the best look. And then some breeders, most breeders are going to have dogs who don't fit the profile perfectly enough to go in to a show ring and they might sell those dogs for less money as a pet dog. And in that case they generally expect, a reputable breeder, will generally expect you to spay or neuter the dog, so they can't reproduce. Because there might be something about their confirmation, the build of them that makes them not an optimum parent for the breed in the future. And there is always an opportunity for rescue. Personally I rescue Poodles and I can tell you there are rescue groups for every single breed out there that you can possibly imagine.


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