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A skunk farm is a domestically bred skunk facility in which skunks are bred in a similar way to dog facilities. Find out how to de-scent a skunk at birth with information from a veterinarian in this free video on exotic pets and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about skunk farms. Now what we're talking about is a domestically bred skunk facility. In most states skunks can be considered wildlife no matter if they're domestically bred or not. Never ever take a wild skunk in as a pet and try to work with it or breed it due to the rabies issue and other things. And so you have to check with your local wildlife agency to make sure that skunk breeding or having a skunk is legal in the first place. And if you do and you can attain a permit for that, then you have to acquire a domestically bred skunk from another breeder or skunks to start a breeding colony. So you have to have the land to do it and you also have to have a facility to do it. Just like you have to with any other breeding facility, like let's say a dog facility. So you have to have males and females obviously. Usually one to two ratio in a lot of cases works. And as far as breeding them is concerned, it's pretty self explanatory. It takes about sixty to seventy-five days for female skunks to have their kits after fertilization is begun. And so but always check with your laws locally first to make sure that you can obtain permits if you're going to do something like that. The other unique thing about skunks in breeding situations is the kits generally are descented when they're really small, sometimes four to six weeks of age. And so you have to check with a veterinarian that is willing to work with exotics such as skunks in the first place. That is if it's a legal issue to do.


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