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Rabbits have a very thick fur that will be over-productive in the winter months. Promote overall skin and hair coat health for rabbits with information from a veterinarian in this free video on exotic pets and pet care.

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Video Transcript

We're talking about rabbit grooming tables. Rabbits produce a lot of fur. They have a very thick fur that is sometimes very over productive especially in the winter months. And so grooming them can be very essential to good overall skin and hair coat health. They also have a tendency to get matted especially around their hind legs and their tails and so grooming them is essential to keeping them healthy. Now a grooming table can be just about anything. You want to make sure that you have a thick surface or rubber surface on top. You can use a dog grooming table for instance. The biggest thing and you want to make sure is when you're grooming a rabbit, is that they don't get away from you, they don't jump off from the table. They have a tendency to kick with their hind legs especially if they're frightened. And if they do so and they jump off a high surface they can actually fracture their spine. And so you can use anything for a grooming table such as, like I said a dog grooming table and just make it a positive thing. You don't want to hurt them, you want to use a soft brush or something that's small and wire tipped and just go gentle. Their skin is very sensitive and so if you press down too hard you actually can cause lacerations of the skin


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