How to Train a Skunk

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Skunks are considered to be pretty smart animals that can be trained in a similar fashion to how dogs are trained. Discover how to reward a pet skunk with food with information from a veterinarian in this free video on exotic pets and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to train a skunk. Now skunks are considered wildlife in most states. Regardless if somebody is domestically breeding them or not. And so you always have to check with your local laws or your state laws and your wildlife agency to figure out if you have to have a permit to buy a bred skunk. Same goes for breeding skunks, you have to have a permit to do so. Now in a domestically bred skunk situation, if it is legal or if you can attain a permit to do so, they're pretty inquisitive, they're pretty smart. They're descented when they're really small and generally as far as training them is concerned, you would do that just as you would a small dog, using food rewards and things like that. And so you would work with them gently over time. In training what we're a lot of time talking about is litter training on the inside of the house or crate training or something like that and so introducing them to litter at a young age, they'll adapt to that pretty quickly using food rewards. As far as anything else is concerned, they can be trained to do basically some things some dogs can do as in stay. Not a whole lot of other things unfortunately because skunks are a species unique to themselves and they will respond to you as they see fit. But skunks can actually be kind of loving little pets if they're bred right and if they're domestically trained.


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