What Is a Passing Grade on the GED Test?

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A passing grade on the GED test is dependent upon the high school population, as a GED passing grade must be better than 40 percent of the graduating high school seniors. Answer at least 60 percent of the questions correct to ensure a passing grade with advice from a GED prep tutor in this free video on education.

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In this clip I'm going to talk about what a passing score is on the GED. The main definition of a passing score on the GED is that you have to do better than forty percent of graduating high school seniors on the exam. This varies from year to year because it is graded based on the normal distribution of scores. There are twenty five different versions of the test partially to prevent cheating and partially so that there are different options available. However, the test is normalize for difficulty. The test is just as difficult regardless of which version you get. The part that confuses most people is how they grade the essays. The essay is read by two individuals first who each give it a score on a scale from 1-10. That score is then pass on to a third reader who double checks to make sure that the scores were similar enough to begin with and then gives it a third score weighted in for the average. The people who are reading these exams are generally teachers and writers and other people who are very well-trained and what they're looking for is organization and good grammar and punctuation and things like that. Each section of the GED is scored on a scale from 200-800 points. In order to pass each section you have to get at least 410 points and the average of all of these sections has to be 450 points. Now this does go back to that normalized curves so I can't give you an exact percentage of the questions that you need to get right in order to get a score of 410 for each section. Different jurisdictions do set different minimum values as far as percentages of correct answers. However it's a safe bet that if you answer at least sixty percent of the questions correct, that you will likely have a passing score.


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