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Adding Microsoft Word fonts requires first downloading the font from the Internet or purchasing it on a disk, double-clicking on the downloaded file and checking the "Font Book" under "Applications" to make sure it installed successfully. Add a variety of fonts to Microsoft Word with a tutorial from a computer consultant in this free video on computer programs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle Parker on behalf of Expert Village and I'm going to show you how to add a font into Microsoft Word. So the first thing you want to do is download some fonts from the internet or purchase them on a disk or whatever the means are that you've acquired a new font that you'd like to add into Microsoft Word. I downloaded from online called Grand Stylus and it has come in a sit document so I double clicked on that and it has opened this folder here after it uncompressed and so I'm going to open this up here and this gives us another thing and it's dot bin which doesn't look like a file and it's showing me that Stuffit has the icon on it so I'm going to double click on that again and then we'll see that it has now given me this little file here and this is our font file. So there's two ways we can go about that, we can double click on it and it''ll just open up fonts for us. Or you can go over to your applications in Mac OS ten and you'll see there's a little thing called font books that you can just open up that application there. And font book will come up and you can go to file, add font. And then you'll get a window here and we'll go to our window here that's on the desktop and we'll select our new font and click open. And now under all fonts we should see, there we are, our new font called Grand Stylus. We can then close font book and then head over to Microsoft Word and in a new blank document that we open up we should be able to go to font and select our new font and you will see that our new font has been installed and it is working. If you're using a PC and you want to install a new font, then you'll have to go to the control panel and then move on over to the fonts folder and then you'll take your font file that you downloaded or gotten off a CD and drag and drop that into the fonts folder and then you'll be ready to go. Just open up Word after that and it should show up in the font menu.


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