How to Do Fakes in Soccer

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In soccer, a fake is used to make an opponent think that the offensive player is going way, while the player moves in the opposite direction. Find out how to do a crossover fake in soccer with help from a soccer coach in this free video on the sport of soccer.

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Video Transcript

Hey how's it going, my name is Billy Castro, ex soccer pro and youth soccer coach now for 10 years. Let's go over a couple of these soccer fakes which is very important in soccer. You want to always fake and have the opponent think that you're going one way and go the other way. The first move that we're going to work on is called the step over or the crossover. And what you want to do is you want to come, crossover with your right foot and with the outside of your foot, bring the ball back the other way. So again, I'm going to come at you like I'm going left and I'm changing direction, I'm going to come, step over, change direction and go to the right. So again you're faking like you're going left and you're going to go right. That is a crossover with your right foot. I'm going to show you the left foot. Again it's the same thing, I'm going to fake like I'm going right, so I'm crisscross, come back and go left. So that's the crossover move. And now let's go on to another move. This is called the scissors move. Again, it's very important to learn how to fake and make your opponent think you're going one way and go the other way. This is a single scissors and what you want to do, it's a little bit different than a crossover, instead of stepping over the ball, you're going to step around the ball. So you're stepping over, so you're going to go boom, fake right go left. Same thing with the other foot with the scissors, you want to fake left, fake left so you're going to roll your foot around, plant your foot, get your hips, make them believe that you're faking off to the left outside of your foot and you're going to go right. Again that's very important not only to shoot the ball but to pass the ball. That is the scissors move. We're going to work on a double scissors. You really want to confuse the defender make him now know what way you're going. So here's how you do a double scissors move. So you got the ball coming in, you want to fake left, fake right, plant the foot and go left. So that's the double scissors. So we just went over a couple of different soccer fakes. What's very important in soccer is that your opponent thinks you're going one way and you go the other way. My name is Billy Castro and that's how you do some soccer fakes. We'll see you guys around, take care. Peace.


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