How to Bend the Soccer Ball

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Bending a soccer ball is an advanced move that involves cutting across the ball so that a diagonal spin is created. Find out how to bend a soccer ball inwards and outwards with help from a soccer coach in this free video on the sport of soccer.

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Video Transcript

How's it going, my name is Billy Castro, ex soccer pro and youth soccer coach nearly 10 years now. I'm going to go over on how to bend a soccer ball. There's a couple of different ways. Again what you want to do is make sure that you're going to plant your foot where you want to aim the ball and now understanding that the curvature is going to go past where you planted your foot. So what you want to do is you want to come across with your other foot, bend it over, bend it over sideways and diagonal and you want to come across the ball just like a golf ball and a golf club and slice through the ball and make the ball curve over. You can do it inways with the inside of your foot and you can also turn your foot outside and make the ball curve to the outside goal. Again these are more advanced as you become a better soccer player and do a lot of training you're out there on your own, you can start working on it little by little. You want to come up and just slowly but surely turn your foot a little bit and turn your hips, move your back back, go follow through and make that ball curve. As soon as you got that curve going this way, you can work on the outward curve. And that's pretty much the same thing, you want to plant, you want to bring your foot in and instead of falling back to make that ball curve outwards, again follow through and curve that ball so the ball cuts out that way. So again let's go over it again, you want to plant your foot, get your hips over it, turn your foot diagonal, cut through the ball and arc back back a little bit so the ball has a little bit of curvature going outwards. And my name is Billy Castro and that's how you bend a soccer ball. Thank you.


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