How to Balance a Soccer Ball on Your Foot

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Balancing a soccer ball requires practice to gain the required balance, and it helps to keep the feet shoulder-width apart. Find out how to cup the foot around a soccer ball with help from a soccer coach in this free video on the sport of soccer.

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Video Transcript

How's it going, my name is Billy Castro, ex-pro and now a youth soccer coach for nearly 10 years. I'm going to show you how to balance a soccer ball on your foot. First thing that you want to do of course is have balance. Your feet want to stay shoulder length apart. And now that you're ready for that, you bring the ball in and you just want to slowly but surely pop the ball up and catch it like that. First to start off, what you want to do is grab the ball, if you're just a beginner and you want to put the ball there and if it falls off to the side, grab the ball, put it back on your foot. Start cupping your foot onto your shin so it creates a little cup. Falls off, put it back on. If it falls off, put it back on. Start feeling your foot close your foot, open your foot. Now you can stand up, same thing. Put the ball on your foot, balance it, falls off, same thing, put it on your foot, balance, off, put it back on your foot and again simple things. What you want to do is take your time. You want to learn left foot and right foot, same thing with your left foot. Cup it, get acquainted with the ball to the foot which is very important. And now what you want to do every single time that it falls off, just keep working on it and start learning how to just lift it up and put it in your foot. And those are simple ways to learn how to balance the ball on your foot. Thank you very much, my name is Billy Castro, ex-pro and youth soccer coach now for 10 years. Thank you.


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