How to Aim a Soccer Ball

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When aiming a soccer ball, it's important to know where to plant the feet and how to keep the hips over the ball. Discover why following through on a kick is important in aiming a soccer ball with help from a soccer coach in this free video on the sport of soccer.

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Video Transcript

How's it going, my name is Billy Castro, ex-pro and now a youth soccer coach. I'm going to teach you how to aim a soccer ball. There's a couple of different methods. Let's go take a look at them. Alright let's first let's start by working on a stationary ball. We're going to learn how to focus and shoot the ball and aim the ball in each area. First thing you want to do on a stationary ball is you want to come up and plant your foot right beside parallel to the soccer ball. At that point wherever you point your toe is where the ball is going to go. Your hips are going to come forward so you got your toe pointed wherever it is that you want to shoot the ball and you want your hips to be right over the ball. Next thing is your foot comes right over the ball, knee right over the ball and you follow through and you want to end up pretty much facing exactly where you want to shoot. Again, your plant foot is here, aim where you want to shoot. If I aim here, that means the ball is going that way. If I aim here, the ball is going into the inner post. Again follow through with your hips and get it done. And that's on a stationary ball. Now let's work on a ball moving. The ball is moving of course you are going to want to catch up to the ball same thing, when the ball is moving is you want to get your foot planted next to the ball wherever that ball is moving, make sure that you get that foot again it's very important to put your foot, point your toe to where it is that you want to shoot the ball. So again if you're, that ball is moving wherever that ball is moving, you got to get to a point where you want to plant that foot, aim your toe exactly where you want, get your hips over the ball and follow through and that is how you aim a soccer ball. My name is Billy Castro and I'm an ex soccer pro and now I coach youth soccer for nearly a decade. Thanks a lot.


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