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Single-barrel bourbon whiskey is distilled in a single charred oak barrel, as opposed to being moved from different barrels. Learn how single-barrel bourbon whiskey tends to be smoother and tastier with information from a professional bartender in this free video on bourbon.

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Video Transcript

What is a single-barrel bourbon whiskey? As you might know bourbon is matured in charred oak casks, and it has to be by law and, most bourbons, they might distill the bourbon another one more time after it comes out of the, out of the barrels, when this happens you can get, several different barrels, whiskey from several different barrels in one bottle. And, it is pretty self explanatory single-barrel means the whiskey in the bottle comes from only one barrel. And it is usually higher priced, it is usually a finer bourbon and, but it is a much smoother and tastier bourbon. So Woodford Reserve would be one of those. It is one of my favorites. So with the cheaper bourbons, such as Jim Beam, not that this is bottom of the line but bourbons like this are usually not single-barrel, it wont say single-barrel anywhere on the bottle, but not to diminish their quality this is still a fine drink.


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