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The best whiskeys in the world are generally aged the longest and include such brands as Macallan, Glenfiddich, Johnnie Walker, Woodford Reserve and Maker's Mark. Drink a variety of whiskey, including whiskey with floral and smoky flavors, to find the best one using advice from a professional bartender in this free video on whiskey.

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Video Transcript

The best whiskeys are unfortunately usually the most expensive whiskeys. But there are many different tastes and I'm going to go through them and show you some of the best whiskeys for each taste. Scotch whiskey is, some people consider the finest whiskey in the world. It has to be bottled in Scotland. Macallan is a great one. It's kind of fruity. You've got ones like Glenfiddich. They're kind of floral and also a very nice one. There's also a whole line of Scotch whiskeys that are very smoky. They use smoke peat over the grains and my favorite one is Laphroaig; very pricey, but very, very nice and very smoky. These are all single malt whiskeys. For the blended whiskeys, Johnnie Walker. I know you've heard of this stuff. There's a whole line of Johnnie Walkers. The most popular one is probably the Black Label. It's a very nice blended whiskey. Now Bourbons are also whiskeys. One of my favorite Bourbons is Woodfood Reserve. That is a very popular, very nice and smooth Bourbon. Maker's Mark is yet another one. This one is very popular and both of these are a little bit stronger than the standard eighty proof whiskeys. Usually with these other ones they don't get much stronger. Sometimes with the smoky scotches, they are a little more potent.


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