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Bourbon can be mixed with coke, soda water, ginger ale, water or into a mint julep with crushed mint, simple syrup and water. Get the best flavor of the bourbon by drinking it straight or on ice with advice from a professional bartender in this free video on liquor.

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Video Transcript

Okay, about Bourbon mixed drinks. There really are not many drinks, many mixers for Bourbon. It has a very unique taste and it's a whiskey. In general for whiskeys there aren't many mixers. If you just want to enjoy the taste of your Bourbon and you just want to cut the strength, you can mix it with water, in something like a highball glass, or add a splash of it to a rocks glass. Or soda water. If you want the fizziness. The probably the most popular mixer for Bourbon would be coke. Jack and coke is real popular, technically Jack Daniels is Tennessee whiskey not a Bourbon but it's made the same way. Jim Beam and coke and a lot of the time I serve Jim Beam with ginger ale. A lot of people like that too. If you consider a Manhattan to be a mixed drink, it's mostly just Bourbon and a little bit of sweet vermouth. And a dash of bitters but that is a great drink. My favorite mixed drink for Bourbon is a mint julep which is Bourbon, crushed mint with some simple syrup and a little bit of water or soda water.


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