What Do Gastropods Eat?

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Gastropods, which include snails and slugs, feed on any organic material that they crawl over, including plants and decomposing matter. Learn how gastropods have evolved to live off of a variety of materials with information from an entomologist and insect specialist in this free video on gastropods.

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Video Transcript

I'm Mike Quinn. I'm been a entomologist for twenty years, and we're here at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center, talking about what do gastropods feed on. Well, gastropods are snails and slugs. Gastro means stomach and pod means foot, so stomach foot if you will. They feed on what they crawl over. Some some eighty thousand species in the world from living in marine environments, to brackish, to fresh water, to on land. And they, given the number of species that they've evolved into they feed on a wide variety of plant substances, and some are predacious even, and some feed on decomposing matter. So, they feed on a a wide variety of plants and other organic food sources. And that's what gastropods feed on.


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