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The PSP has only so much on-board permanent memory, but there are other ways to free up some memory. Find out how to clear the cache on a PSP with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Hi, we're going to talk today a little bit about how to get more internet memory onto your PSP. Now, as you know, the PSP is a very versatile piece of equipment, it can play movies, music, and of course, games, but also it is an excellent web surfing platform. However, you have a limitation. You can only access thirty two megs of RAM, that's the on-board permanent memory of the PSP with the browser. It doesn't matter how big your memory stick is, it will not access that memory. So, you can get into memory limitations when you, when you're trying to surf with the PSP. But, you can do some things to free up a little bit of memory, so you can get a speedier, more pleasant experience. So, this is how you'd go ahead and do that. First, make sure that you're on your internet browser, go ahead and hit X, to select it. Now, on the bottom you have certain menus, you want to go ahead and get to the second one from the right, which is the tools menu. Now, we're going to select the option that says "clear cache", now what clear cache is, cache is where it stores your internet files when you're, when you visit a page, that way it's actually on your machine and if you visit it again, it'll just pop up really fast, because it's loaded on your machine but that takes up internet memory. So, we'll go ahead and hit X, and then it's going to ask for confirmation, hit yes. You cleared your cache. Now, you can also clear cookies using the same method. Cookies store little personal nuggets of information so when you visit web pages it knows who you are, where you come from, so you don't have to enter that information again, personal preferences. Again, this takes up a little bit of memory, but when you only have thirty two megs to work with, that can be substantial. So, hit X, confirm it, hit X again, and you've cleared, the cache, cleared your cookies. And, you've freed up some memory and hopefully your browsing experience will be a little more pleasant and a lot speedier.


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