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Some accessories for the PSP include color options, spare batteries and screen protectors. Buy extra memory for a PSP with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Today, we're going to be talking about accessories for your PSP, your portable game system also known as the Playstation Portable. First of all, if you want to call it an accessory, you can get limited edition PSP's that come bundled with games. This one is a PSP that's red that came with the game God of War, which is one of the most critically acclaimed games on PSP, and it's red and stylish. You can get white and different colors for your PSP instead of just basic black. Of course, the next thing you want to have for your PSP are UMD games which contain a lot of data; really makes for an impressive console experience. Hundreds of games now are available on UMD. Every PSP does come with a battery, and the battery life is pretty long lasting. I always like to carry a spare one anyway. You can't easily get one for the PSP slim, which is what I have, here in America, but there are lots of online sources where you can order it from Japan. You can also get a extended battery pack which is an oversized battery; comes with a battery lid that you can put on your PSP. If you have a limited edition PSP though watch out, because it only comes in black, and if you've got one of these fancy colors like I do, you've got a beautiful red or white PSP and then you got a ugly battery case cover, so it's something to think about. Your PSP is still an investment. Even though you can get it for just under two hundred dollars online or at your favorite electronics retailer you still want to protect it. It's got a screen; that means it's going to be sensitive. You can get screen protectors which are nice, but they reduce the the brightness of the screen when you're working with it. That's why I like to to instead just have a nice solid case for it. This is one made by Logitech. It's got nice padding, so if your PSP slips around there when you're traveling it's not going to pick up any damage. It's this this nice material keeps the scratches from burnishing the your screen, and it'll keep your PSP in running condition for quite a while. Memory is something you can't have enough of for your PSP. It takes the the memory stick pro duo format. There are various sizes for these and various costs. The price on these, like most memory, has dropped very fast. You can now get a nice four gig card for thirty to fifty dollars. That will hold probably about six movies or so, depending on the length of it and the the compression; demos, lots of programs, especially now that the PSP could connect to the PS3 you'll be putting a lot more onto your memory sticks, and then, plus you can buy multiple ones so you can just switch it out.


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