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The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is designed to be a media powerhouse that allows the user to perform many functions. Use the PSP to view photos or watch full-length movies with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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PSP, or Playstation Portable is a little media powerhouse and I'm going to give you a little tour of some of the functions that it's got. This is not your pure game machine like your Gameboys or your DSs. This is something that is designed to cover anything that you want to do. One thing that you can do is view photos on the PSP. You can drag in photos from your computer that you've taken from your digital camera. You can create slide shows or just view photos individually. Something else that you can do with the PSP is watch full length movies on a UMD disc or you can drop movies that you've ripped from your DVDs right on to your memory stick. These are very high quality movies. It's almost DVD resolution. So they look super sharp on this beautiful bright screen. Of course you've got gaming and this is the centerpiece of the PSP experience. This has a very powerful rendering engine. It's as powerful as the original Playstation in 3D performance, but it doesn't have to produce images that are as big as the original Playstation, so it's really concentrated and you get amazingly beautiful and fluid 3D game play. Racing games, first person shooters, really are better on this than any other portable system that's ever come along. And also you've got Internet connectivity, so you can play other players around the world at all sorts of other games and last you've got Internet connectivity, web browsing on this, which is just a terrific superior experience. It's the only dedicated game machine that's got this level of sophistication. You can browse almost any site. The most recent firmware update, you can gain Flash capabilities so you can look at those flash enabled websites even some very powerful cell phones don't have this capability yet... Internet radio. It's really maximizing the use, the power of this system. Plus you can even connect this with the Playstation 3. You can remotely play Playstation 3 games through this. You can download demos through the Playstation 3 and load them right on to your memory stick so you can try out games without having to buy them, a uniquely powerful system. I think it's the best portable system out there and I hope this gives you a little idea what it's capable of.


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