Which Is Better: Nintendo DS or PSP?

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Both the PSP and Nintendo DS have interesting features, with the PSP having a better screen for gaming and the DS having a wide selection of games. Choose between the Nintendo DS and the PSP with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Video Transcript

What is the best portable video game system? The PSP or the Nintendo DS. Now they both have a lot of interesting features. They're very unique, so I'll give you a little bit of my perspective on which system I think is better. I prefer the sort of pure bright screen of the PSP for game playing purposes. Another amazing thing about the PSP that I like a lot is that it's very powerful. It's compared... comparable to the original Playstation which is a lot of horsepower for a screen this small. DS does not have as much horsepower under the hood so the games, even though they're certainly and sophisticated and take advantge of the dual screen, are not going to have that 3D power that gives you first person shooter capability, 3D racing. They're just flat out not going to look as good. Now if you're looking for a selection of games and worldwide popularity, the DS is going to be something for you to seriously consider 'cause they have a huge library of games and the success of the Nintendo DS has set records worldwide, but the last year or so PSP has been picking up popularity so you're not going to be as much in the wilderness in terms of selection of software. Another advantage I feel for the PSP are the the UMD discs. Now they do take more power than something you would find in a DS 'cause it's a spinning mechanical system, but it can hold a lot of data. It means you can have huge programs, movies, music... It's a great format if you want to have a console-like experience, which is something that you really can't have on the DS. Now that's not necessarily a disadvantage for the DS because they focus very narrowly on what's a good portable game. For instance, they've even got a version of Guitar Hero called On Tour which you can just plug in a controller and you're ready to go with a portable Guitar Hero experience. That's the advantage of having a kind of dedicated game system. Another advantage of course is built in easy Internet connectivity. That expands this way out of the game world into becoming a person media computing device.


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