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The video format known as Hi8 was developed as an enhancement to straight eight-millimeter film in the 1980s, but it was overshadowed by the higher-quality digital eight that produces better sharpness, picture quality and resolution. Understand Hi8 video with information from the executive producer of a video production company in this free video on digital video.

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Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz, actor, director, producer and owner of Rokosz Media Studios. And we're discussing what Hi8 video is. Well Hi8 has got a kind of a special place in my heart because that's the format that I started producing video on. Hi8 is sort of the middle child within the eight or eight millimeter family. Now we can talk about eight millimeter film and super eight millimeter film but we're not. Also a great film called Eight Millimeter, again something we're not talking about that, write that down. What we are talking about is the format that Sony and the other guys launched in the mid eighties called Eight, and if you actually popped open the inside and looked underneath you're going to see that the actual width of the tape is eight millimeters. Now the first one was one of the very first analog videotapes. We refer to it as straight eight or eight. Actually we didn't call it straight eight until our buddy Hi8 came on the scene. Now you may remember in VHS land, you had your VHS and then wow, you were stepping in high cotton if you moved over to the SVHS or Super VHS. It's very analogous to the eight or straight eight and the Hi8 format. It's still digital but it's just making the very best use of the analog tape that it can, meaning that its record heads and its play heads are set up for more information and produce somewhat of a sharper picture. Now its big brother of that or its younger brother I should say is the digital eight. Okay the digital eight separates itself from the analog eight in the sense that well, when you're dealing with tape you've got a recorder and a reader and basically just like an audio cassette, that tape is moving over a magnetized pickup head, and that actual physical digital or electrical information, magnetic information rather, that magnetic information is being picked up by the play head. When you're dealing with digital eight, it's actually picking up the ones and zeros. It's already quasi digitized, it's already in a digital format. So again there is straight eight, Hi8 and digital eight, you may have one kicking around unless it's the biggest deal ever, less than two hundred dollars, I would stay away from that format in the modern times, you'll be behind the eight ball with fidelity, sharpness and picture quality and excessive - accessories and equipment to play it on. Definitely go up to digital eight will be more in your budget or consider some of the bigger formats in digital video. I'm Christopher Rokosz, we'll see you on location.


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