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A best boy, in terms of video production, is the second in command or right-hand man to the heads of the different departments, including the grip and the gaffer. Discover the role of the best boy grip and the best boy gaffer with information from the executive producer of a video production company in this free video on digital video.

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Hi, I'm Christopher Rokasz, actor, director, producer, and we're discussing the production term, best boy. Well, on a film or video production, the best boy, there are two different flavors. There is the best boy gaffer, and the best boy grip, and you're going to see exactly where they, sort of come into play with each other. The best boy is the second in command of those two different departments, so for instance, you do have your key grip, which is the department head, or the king of all grips, and his right hand man, or first assistant, is the best boy. Now, there are a lot of generic grips, that can be below the best boy on that area, to take care of various things, and they are just simply grips, or a team of grips. On the electrical and the gaffer, the gaffer is in charge of all electrical aspects of a production, so, including the design. His right hand man is the best boy gaffer, and below the best boy gaffer, then you're going to find your electricians, and your electrical apprentices. The term best boy, comes from back in the days of film production, when it was a primarily male system, best boy. In modern times now, of course there are a lot of females who definitely take over that position. It's a position of somewhat organization, keeping their department head in check, and relaying the information properly, to their subordinates. Again, the electricians, and/or the regular grips, and where the term actually comes from, is back in the old master and apprentice days, where let's say a swordsmith, a master swordsmith, or blacksmith, their number one or their most experienced apprentice, would be their best boy, and all other apprentices below them, would be just regular apprentices, as they were going through their tutelage, so when you see the word best boy, it's a position that is a lot higher than the term boy, would certainly connotate, so again, remember, it's gaffer, best boy gaffer, key grip, best boy grip. I'm Christopher Rokosz, and that's a little bit about what people do, inside the movie industry.


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