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Make money on the Internet by finding freelance work through, filling out online surveys or starting a Web site. Place banner ads on a Web site to generate revenue with advice from a Web designer and computer specialist in this free video on making money through the Internet.

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Hi I'm Noah and today we are going to show you how you can make money on the internet. One thing that I'd like to get across right away is that there is no easy way to make money on the internet, however. Usually if you see some kind of offer for making money on the web which sounds too good to be true, that's because it is so don't go for it, don't be fooled. There are a few ways to make money but they're all hard work just like any other job. Here we are going to show you three ways which can either help balance out your payments at the end of the month in addition to your regular salary or how to make a full time living making websites for example. The first way to find work on the internet is by doing freelance work. To find these kinds of jobs you can simply go to On this website you will find all kinds of freelance work that you can do and get paid to do. To find something that could be suitable for you you can simply type in what it is you would want to do for example, translation and then click on jobs and search or you could simply browse by topic in the tabs below. So for example if you want to do so some translation work simply click on the writing and translation tab and then you will have a list of skills for hire. Let's choose French Translation for example. Here elance will give us a list of jobs in French Translation and we can simply apply for these jobs by placing a bid on how much we would charge to do the work. To do this all we have to do is sign in, register, then we can simply click on one of the jobs and type in our bid. If you have the lowest bid then you will be awarded the contract and you will be able to do the job and get paid for it. A second way to make money on the internet is by completing on line surveys. To do this you have to be careful though because a lot of survey websites turn out to be scams where you are simply wasting your time and sometimes you will even have to pay a bogus participation fee and you won't get anything in return. So one trustworthy website for example is where you will be able to fill out a few surveys and you will really get paid for it by check. The thing is you shouldn't count on this as being a main source of income because there are only a limited amount of surveys which you will be able to qualify for. However, it is a really good way to make your ends meet if you just want to have a little additional money in addition to your salary. So to start filling out surveys all you have to do is click on join and then once you have joined you will receive prompts to fill out surveys. Finally a third way to make money on the internet is by creating your own website. Here what we have is a website that gives regular updates on the world of Rap Music and a lot of people might come to read the website simply because they are interested in the topic. The thing is the person who runs the website obviously regularly updates it and works on research for the website on a regular basis. We can also notice that the first two things on the website are advertisement banners so basically every time somebody goes on the website the owner will generate revenue simply by displaying these ads. A good place to start is Google Adsense where basically all kinds of companies and individuals will pay Google to place ads on any website which is willing to have them so all you have to do is create an account and then you will be invited to place Google's banner ads on to your website and every time somebody views the page you will get paid through pay per view. On the other hand if somebody clicks on it then you will also get paid through pay per click which generates even more revenue.


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