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Use PowerPoint in order to create different slides containing text and pictures, and then display the slides in a slide show for an audience. Create new slides, add text and pictures and then navigate through the slides with help from a software developer in this free video on PowerPoint.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to talk to you about how to use PowerPoint. Let's open up Microsoft PowerPoint by clicking on our Start button, then go to All Programs, find Microsoft Office, let's just launch PowerPoint. Now, PowerPoint is a very powerful program that allows you to create slides that you can then arrange as a slide show. So, basically, it comes up with a default slide in PowerPoint. Say you want to put some information in there. I'm going to click in this title area; I'm just going to call this My Presentation and then in the subtitle, I'm going to say By Dave Andrews. I'm going to give you some quick run-throughs on how to create new slides and how to show it. Let's right click here and say New Slide. This adds an entirely new slide, and I can change between slides by clicking on them over here on the left. I'm going to call this My Slide and I'm just going to add a little bit of text, "This is an important point," and I'm going to add another bullet item, "here is another important point." I'm also going to put a new slide in, again by right clicking and saying New Slide, and we'll drop an image in there by going to the Insert tab at the top, going to picture. I'm just going to find a picture that I like, let's say this creek picture here, and then I'll add a title to it, let's say Creek Picture. Now, I have a little, small PowerPoint presentation here that consists of three slides. Now, I want to show this to an audience, and to do this, I'm going to go to the Slide Show tab at the top, and I'm going to click on From Beginning. Another way to really quickly and easily start your slide show is just by pressing the F5 key. I'm going to click that From Beginning, and as you can see I have My Presentation By Dave Andrews, and I'm going to use the arrow keys on my keyboard, left and right. The right arrow key will take you to the next slide, which is My Slide, with my important points on it. Then I'm going to hit that again, and then here is my creek picture. I'm going to hit the left arrow key now, which will actually take me back a slide, and I'll hit it again, and that's just how you can navigate through slides using arrow keys. You can also click your mouse to go to the next slide, and when you reach the end of the slide show, it's going to give you a little End of Slide Show, then you can click the mouse to exit and that takes you back to editing your slide show. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to use PowerPoint.


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