How to Increase Modem Speed

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In order to increase the speed of a modem, first contact the service provider to see if there's anything they can do, or try accessing the Internet at a different time of day. Find out how fast a computer is uploading or downloading with help from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections.

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In this segment we're going to talk about what your options are in terms of increasing modem speed. If your connection is very slow or slower than you would like, of course you can call your service provider, ask them if there's something they can do on their end or if they're having some problems. If you just want to increase your speed, there are a couple of different options. Number one, they may offer a faster service for a higher fee; that's one way to go. Both with DSL and Cable, they usually have different price and packages. So if you're already at the highest price package and you're still not receiving acceptable speeds, then there are couple of other things that you might want to consider is; number one, time of day when you're accessing. For example, if you're accessing right after a lot of people get home from work and school, typically you're going to have slower downloads speeds than if you access later in the day or at night or early in the morning. At some point, when you're paying for service, you may want to know if you're getting the full speed and how much more, just to be curious, ask to what the speed is of your downloading and uploading. This is fairly easy to do, you can access multiple websites that do free clock speed checking. You go to or and do a search for Internet clock speed and their computer of various companies will actually check the speed of your connection remotely and then put a number up on your, your screen that lets you know how fast your uploading or downloading.


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