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In order to convert a decimal into inches, it helps to be able to make the connection between a decimal and a fraction. Find out how to convert 2.5 feet into 30 inches with help from a tutor in this free video on math lessons and study tips.

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Video Transcript

Let's look at how to convert a decimal length unit into inches, into inches yeah. Let's say you have 2.5 feet and we want to convert that into feet and inches. That's what we're talking about here. The key is that a lot of people want to make it 2 feet 5 inches; but it's not actually. It's because the point, the 5 inches, the .5 inches, there are 10 inches in a foot. So .5 meaning half, right, we have 2 feet that's easy, and then we have another half foot. But half a foot is not actually 5 inches, right? Because there's 12 inches in a foot. So half a foot is 6 inches. So 2.5 feet is 2 feet 6 inches. Let's take another one. Let's take 2.75 feet. Same thing, a lot of people want to say 2 feet, point, or this one's even weirder, text would your decimal if you'd say 75 inches. That's obviously wronger; .75 inches, that's wrong. So what is this is going to be 2 feet and then three quarters; right; 75 out of a 100 which is 3/4. It's going to be 3/4 of another foot. And so that's going to be 8 inches. Now how would you do that if you can't do that in your head. What you do is take your .75 and you multiply by 12. That's the trick. So whatever this decimal is, multiply it by how many inches there are in foot because this is three quarters of a foot, it's .75 of a foot. A foot is 12 inches, so you take that decimal whatever it is, multiply it by number of inches in a foot and you'll get 8; or you'll get the amount of inches that you're suppose to have.


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