How to Find Proper Pressure Points Through Reflexology

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To find pressure points through reflexology, consult a chart that maps out the body onto the feet, hands and outer ear, as massaging these points benefits the correlating body part. Locate pressure points using a reflexology chart with information from the founder of the American Academy of Reflexology in this free video on alternative medicine.

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We often notice the earrings that people are wearing, but as you look at people's ears, have you ever noticed the phenomenal similarities in the shape of the outer ear and how it looks like a baby upside down in a fetal position. Hello I'm Bill Flocco, founder/director of The American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles California. And a French medical doctor in Lyon France in 1957 discovered for the first time in recorded history that there actually is an image, what we call a reflex map of the human body, slightly distorted of course, upside down on the outer ear. So what we have is, the earlobe helps bring relief for issues like headaches and sinuses. The yellow, orange and blue and black pins are the spinal reflexes, in other words for relief of spinal discomforts. The pink is for arms, and if people hurt their feet or their legs for example, this has images for the feet or reflexes for the feet, so it's an image of the baby upside down from the head all the way down to the feet. So lets take a look at the ear. So the earlobe right here is wonderful for bringing relief for headache discomforts. A lot of folks have neck discomforts and neck problems, so if they were to hold their ear right here very gently, but for a long period of time on what we call the inner ridge, it helps to bring relief of discomforts many times for the neck area. And Elizabeth recently was exercising, over did it, and she strained her lower back. So lets show how to work for her lower back. There's a little ridge right here, it's called the narrow ridge. And what we do is we bring our finger underneath the narrow ridge and we come towards the top of her head a little bit and then we flatten it inward, and we hold it with firm but kind pressure, there should be no discomfort in doing this work. So ear reflexology is the use of touch on the map of the human body on the outer ear. And again this was discovered in 1957 by Dr. Paul Nogier in Lyon France. It is used by many medical doctors, when they use it for diagnosis and treatment in using of implements it's called auricular therapy for laid people who cannot diagnosis and treat its use, it's called ear reflexology. So I'm Bill Flocco, founder/director of The American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles California. And by the way if you'd like to have free reflexology charts on the feet, hand and ears you're welcome to go to our website at We wish you fantastic good health.


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