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Dental implants can cost between $1,250 and $3,000 and will require several visits to a specialist, as well as a regular dentist. Find out how dental implants keep adjacent teeth from tilting in and upper teeth from hyper-erupting with information from a dental hygienist in this free video on oral hygiene and dental health.

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What you see in the video here, this is an implant. It's a titanium screw that would go in placement where the root was, and we also put a crown over that. And what an implant will do, your implant is in the back of your mouth, it will help so that the tooth above it will not hyper-erupt because teeth need each other for support, and if you don't have that support the tooth above it will hyper erupt and your other teeth will tilt causing more problems such as periodontal disease, bacteria, plaque in those areas, more tartar. So to keep a nice, healthy smile, and to keep your adjacent teeth from tilting in and your upper teeth from hyper-erupting, the best part would be for you to have an implant. You can see the titanium screw goes up into the bone here, covered by the tissue. And then we actually make the crown here for you. And you have to have about a month or so for it to heal before you have the crown done. Dental implants can cost between $1,250 and $3,000 but I'm not really sure since we are sending you to a specialist. Then after you get the implant placed you come in here, we'll check the healing, and you'll also go back there and they'll check everything, and then we'll place the crown accordingly.


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