What Not To Bring To Pawn Shops

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Learn how to know what you shouldn't bring into pawn shops and get expert tips an advice on how to buy, sell, trade, and save money in pawn shops in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

We're going to be talking about pawn shops. Today I'm here at Inland Jewelry and Loan. Things that pawn shops don't want are things that are broken, things that are trashy, things that are missing pieces. I mean if it's something that is really expensive and it's missing a piece and we can replace that piece, we'll take it no problem. You know we've taken Rolex's in the past that have been run over by cars and we fix them up and then we sell them for a good price. But if it is something that you wouldn't want and you're trying to throw in the garbage, don't go to a pawn shop and try to get money for it because they're just going to tell you they're not going to take it. We want to make sure that things are at least a little bit clean. If it's a little bit scratched we can polish it and put it back for sale, but if we're talking a camcorder and it's missing the lens, that's not going to work, right? So don't bring it into a pawn shop and think that you're going to get money for it because then the only thing you're going to do is you're going to leave angry and we don't want that. We want our customers to come back whether they're pawning, selling, buying, whatever they're doing, trading, we do trades. So just bring in, I don't want to say bring in the good stuff because people might get the wrong idea but bring in stuff that you would actually want to have. Like TV's for example. In 2009 they're coming out that TV's have to be digital. So at this point we're not taking any TV's that aren't digital. So if they're not digital, don't bring them into a pawn shop. Cause you're not going to get any money for them. The older TV's that are from 1985 that have a dial on the front of it, we don't really want those. On the other hand we do take antique items because I know for a fact that many people like to buy antique items just to put them in their living rooms or whatever. So we'll definitely take antique items but anything that is like old, trashy, beat up, we don't want.


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