Pronounce Letters B, F & M in Ventriloquism

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Ventriloquist is as ventriloquist does; learn how to pronounce problem letters like B, F, and M in this free video on how to be a ventriloquist.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you today about problem letters when you're practicing ventriloquism. When you're practicing ventriloquism, you'll quickly notice that there's certain letters that are pretty hard to pronounce. And this because, there are letters in the alphabet where you would enviably have to move your lips in order to make the noise. So these are the letters. The letter B, you have to put your mouth together usually. The letter F, requires you to go fa, fa, like that and move your lips. The letter M, P, V, and W all are letter where you pretty much blatantly have to move your lips. All the other letters in the alphabet, you say very, quite easily without moving your lips. And we'll get to that in the next segment. But first, I'm going to teach you how to replace these letters with other letters to make it sound like you're saying letters without having to move your lips. So, the letter we're going to use to replace B, is actually the letter D. But we're going to say it using a different shape of our tongue. So we're going to say D, but we're going to put our tongue sort of flat on the back of our teeth. Almost pushing it off the back of our teeth. Like de, de, de, de, so it's almost a soft D. So when we're saying, you know, doy, doy, doy, doy, it kind of sounds like, boy. Even though we're really saying, doy. Reviewing the letter F, we're actually going to replace F with a "th" sound like "th". But we're not going to put our tongue in the middle of our teeth like "th", we're just going go "fth", "fth", "fth", "fth" "fth", "fth. We're almost pushing air out of our mouth and making a "th" but putting our tongue in the back of the teeth to make it sound like "fth". Then M is actually the letter N but the same trick with the back of your tongue. So you?re saying letter N, but you're making it sound like M, like "nouth", "nouth", "nouth". And the trick with all this is that people are going to be listening to you speaking quickly and they don't know that you're replacing letters for these other letters. So they sort of fill in the blanks with their brain and it sounds like the word.


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