How to Store Dough for Beignets

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Learn How to store dough for traditional New Orleans style beignets with expert cooking tips in this free Cajun cuisine video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Beignet Recipe: Free Cooking Tips
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Video Transcript

Okay, so, we've got our dough all put together, kneaded and all that good stuff. So, you've got a good mass here. Alright, and now, how you store it in your fridge, o.k., and actually, I need one more thing. So, you're going to need something to coat, you want to put, transfer this into a new bowl. Because this will just stick and get really gross. So, before you put it in a bowl, you want something to coat the inside, so it doesn't, you have an easier time removing it. Okay, so, I can, I just usually use butter, alright and just take the butter and just smear it on the inside a little bit. So, just expose some and then, smear away just like that. And just kind of, get up on the sides. And do you remember, this is yeast in there, so it will get bigger as it sits in your fridge. So, you want to go higher than, than it is right now on the bowl. Okay, and now that we've got that, we're just going to take the dough and just transfer it right in. And kind of, push it down, this is to help air, so that air doesn't come up and puncture your dough there. Set that aside and now, wipe your hands a little bit. Take plastic wrap and then, you want to cover it, like so, and actually, press it into the dough, o.k., so you have some extra. And again, this is to help seal it, yeah, just like that. So you expand it over the bowl a little bit and press it into the dough, just like this. Okay, so, that helps seal it up, so again, air doesn't get into the dough as well. Because that will actually make it kind of, crusty. It's o.k. if that happens, I mean a little bit because you'll just trim it the next day. And remember, this needs to be stored in your fridge, overnight.


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