Drawing the Hat & Nose of a Snowman

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Learn how to draw the hat and nose of a snowman for a Christmas drawing in this free holiday video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Draw a Snowman
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Video Transcript

Before me move for our snowman's body there are a couple of more details I want to add on the head. The first thing is the hat now come on if you believe in Frosty the Snowman you have to have a magic hat. So what you do is start by drawing a curve up here have this extend across, so basically what it will look like is kind of like almost a 2/3 of a full moon back behind your snowman's head. Do that here and keep your lines light then we are going to have the center hat coming out right in the middle here. Rather than making these lines straight and boring I like to put a little bit of curve there a three little dimensional aspect to it. Then we draw in our hat top you can add in other details like you can do a little strap here and put a flower there if you like. You don't have to or you can just leave your hat bear. The other detail we still have to do is the nose we are going to use a carrot nose so we are going to start about between the eyes right near the bottom between the eyes, right there. You're going to bring this guy out again notice how I'm squiggling the lines don't worry about being absolutely straight. What kind of carrot did you ever see that is absolutely straight? Put a couple of little side lines on the side of the carrot just to make it a little three dimensional. Again we are going to draw this in you are going to color this in a little later on so bring in those details there. Make sure to not make the carrot to long I usually like have it to stick it out a little bit on the side of the face again to give it a three dimensional look. But you know this isn't the snowman's Pinocchio so don't go to crazy.


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