How to Shave in the Right Direction to Avoid Razor Cuts

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Learn how to shave in the right direction to avoid razor cuts with expert shaving tips in this free men's grooming video clip.

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Video Transcript

As you start to shave, the big rule of thumb is always shave in the direction of the hair growth. When I'm shaving my cheek, I'm going to be shaving down. When I'm shaving under my chin here, I'm going to be shaving up. Why do we shave in the same direction as the hair growth? Because if you shave against the grain, it's a bumpier path for the razor. You're much more likely to cut yourself, irritate your skin, and you can also push the hair follicles underneath the skin causing those bumpy ingrown hairs. If you have a real thick beard like I do, it can become tough to get a close shave just shaving with the grain. The temptation is to shave once with the grain and then to shave a second time against it. This is called the shave twice method. If you do this, you're probably going to realize that a lot of your cuts and a lot of your skin irritations come from doing this second pass. Try to stay disciplined. Always shave only with the grain of the hair. This becomes tough under the chin, because that's where the grain often changes directions. It's not a coincidence that this is the trouble spot for a lot of guys. When I get razor burn, it's always in this spot right here. This is where a lot of guys have those bumpy ingrown hairs. You have to be careful to shave one direction all the way to where it changes. Then you need to shift directions and shave down.


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