How to Measure Eyebrows

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Learn how to measure your eyebrows to determine where to shape them with expert tips in this free beauty video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Amelia and on behalf of Expert Village, we'll be talking about the perfect eyebrow. Measuring your eyebrows is actually quite scientific. You have to use the anatomy of your face. Your eyebrows should always begin at the outer corner of your lip or right here, the outer corner of your nose. That's where the eyebrow begins. The arch should begin at the outer corner of the eyebrow iris, and the edge of the brow at the outer corner. Use the outer corner of your nose as the pivot point. The outer corner of your brow ends there. Now, it's okay if it doesn't meet exactly. You're always going to have these little fine hairs. That's fine. Those you want to get rid of. The main important part is it begins here, here, and here. Lauren's eyebrows. She could take a little bit off right there. Usually anything in between here is what you're going to want to get rid of. Right there. She's got a little hair there and a little bit there. Here's where your arch begins. Another thing that I like to do is I like the arch. I like to have the arch begin here, but you don't want to completely remove all this hair. If you do, you get that comma eyebrow where you've got that little bulb of hair here and then you've got a big surprised comma going on. You don't want that. You want a nice gradual arch. You want this hair here to kind of continue up and at the arch, and then come down. That's how you're going to frame your face perfectly. We'll go in and we'll just remove these little hairs here. You don't really want to actually cut into the eyebrow itself. You mainly want to focus on these little hairs underneath, and the toughs of hair that you have up above. A lot of times women will have this extra hair up here. You do want to keep that because that works with your arch. We'll go in and we'll just remove this excess hair here, underneath here, and any excess little stray hairs over here. That's how you measure out your eyebrows.


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