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Learn how to avoid commonly misspelled words in this free video. Watch, and see how your writing will instantly improve.

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Video Transcript

Today we're going to talk about ways to instantly improve your writing. One easy way to look instantly smarter in your writing is to always check your spelling. It's as easy as using the built in function in your computer just to check your spelling. And also to reread everything to make sure you have everyone's names spelled correctly, etc. And there are a few works to keep in mind that many people misspell. Let's take a look at a few of those. Here's a list of some works that people commonly misspell. You can find a similar list like this perhaps on the internet or dictionary. And it might be helpful to put it up next to your desk, just so you never have any doubts about how to spell something. But definitely take a look at these and make sure you're not commonly misspelling some of these words. People sometimes get confused with "privilege", and put the "d" in front of the "g". Words like "rhyme" and "rhythm", with the 'r', 'h', 'y' in front can be confusing. People often get confused with "seize", with the 'e', 'i', which order to put it in. "Sacrilegious" is confusing to some people. Also words that have two letters in a row like "disappoint" that needs two 'p's', not just one. People also get confused with "latter", maybe be confused with "ladder" that firemen use, and that would be with two 'd's'. So just take a look at these types of words and make sure that you know the difference between common English words.


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