Soccer Style Vs. Toe Poking Kicking in Football

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Learn how to play kicker and learn the difference between soccer style and toe poking in football in this free video clip on football. Get football tips from a coach and improve your playing.

Part of the Video Series: How to Kick a Field Goal in Football
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Video Transcript

What we want to talk about now is a couple of different styles of ways to kick the ball. One is going to be a straight on kicker. This is a very basic style of kicking. This is probably one of the first ways to learn if you're going to be a field goal kicker. What we mean by straight on kicker is that he's going to approach the ball straight on and use the end of his toe to drive through the ball straight on. There's nothing really to it. You just try to kick the ball as good as you can. You want to try to hit the ball in a perfect spot, in the middle, toward the bottom so you can drive it straight, out, and up. We're first going to demonstrate what it looks like to come in and kick it in a straight on style (video demo). So, he kicked it straight on, he got up under it, he pushed it through. Now, the problem with the straight on kick is that it doesn't allow any errors. If you move your foot at all to one side or the other it's going to pull the ball wherever your foot goes. That's the hard part about straight on kicking. The second style is called soccer style. In this style, he's going to plant his foot off to the side and he'll have a little more sweeping motion. That will allow him to kick with the full part of the foot and he'll be able to hit all the ball instead of just the middle of the ball. It will allow a little more play in his foot and the ball. This is what it looks like for a soccer style kick (video demo). You can see that he kicked it with the side of his foot that time and he had a little sweeping motion as he came through. But, he also wants to keep his foot straight. He doesn't want to pull it off to the side or he'll move the ball off to one side. You have to find what's best for you, straight on kick or the soccer style kick.


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