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How to connect a satellite receiver for your home theater; get expert tips and advice on hooking up video and audio equipment for home entertainment systems in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Set Up a Home Theater System
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Video Transcript

Hello, Reggie Hayes here, with Expert Village. Now let's talk about hooking up like a satellite receiver up to your home theater system. This is going to be very simple, it's going to be very much like hooking up a DVD player. Since we don't have a particular satellite receiver with us today, I'm going to show you the back of the DVD player, because they're going to be very similar. The only difference between this DVD player and a satellite receiver is the satellite receiver is going to have a coax like our VCR has. For your satellite to come in, it comes in from your dish, it will hook up to the back of your satellite receiver. Now, so let's say that we've got that hooked up, next we have to hook up our video and our audio. Now satellite receivers are going to be slightly different from one manufacturer to the other, but, basically what you're going to do is you're going to have your "S" video cable. So we've got out "S" video cable right here, and we're going to come with our "S" video out, and then down here we've got a satellite input on our stereo system here. Remember our stereo system is the one that's doing all the video switching for us, so we hook it into the "TV Satellite In". Now, that's for your "S" video, if you want to go your high definition and hook your 1080R or your component cables up, you can hook them into your blue, red, and green, and you've also got those right here in your stereo. Now, as far as your audio, you've got a couple of different options. I'll unplug these, get them out of the way for you. Audio, on the back of the satellite receiver is going to be your standard white and red, as we talked about earlier in your connectors, you're going to have a digital coax, and you're also going to have your fiber optic output. Some may not have this, but they'll at least have the digital coax. So your digital coax cable is going to look something like this. Basically you come out from here and we're going to the back of your stereo receiver, and right here we've got two options for coax, you can assign these particular channels. For example, we'll hook it into channel one here, and we can go into our stereo system and set it up to be, channel one will be our satellite receiver. So now we've got, we'll have our video, and we've got our audio hooked up for our satellite. And that's pretty much it!


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