How to Cook a Rotisserie Chicken

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Rotisserie cooked chicken makes a juicy, tender chicken recipe. Our expert shows you how to make it in this free cooking video on rotisserie chicken recipes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Scott for Expert Village and today I'm going to teach you how to make a rotisserie chicken. So before we even throw the chicken into the rotisserie, we have to tie it up. If you don't have bakery string on you, they also sell at stores these little surgical pins. They have little hooks on them so if you need to put it around something bigger you can actually tie the string around that. So the way that we use these is we take the chicken leg and pull it in towards the body. Put the pin straight through it, straight down and it will hold the leg in place, just like that. Lastly, we have to put another pin straight through the middle here to hold all our ingredients in. Always remember it is important to keep washing your hands while you're doing this. 'Cause the next step that we're going to do now is actually put it on the rotisserie. You don't want to spread any of this to the outside of the rotisserie machine because when you come over to check it, you don't want to be touching any of that in case you touch your face or there's a little baby around. There we go. So you go back over here for now and we'll take our axel rotisserie here. The side disconnects and it has these sharp little prongs on it. It makes it nice and simple to put the chicken on. I'll take the whole chicken now. You want to try to penetrate the chicken just between the bottom of the tail section, right in these areas, and have it come out on top of the chest. Here goes nothing. Here we go. We're almost there. The last part we have to do now is to take the other side of the rotisserie and place it back onto these rods. This will hold it in place while it's inside of the rotisserie machine. You'll see now that if we stand it up, the chicken is just going to hand on there. You want to try to center it on these rods. Just slide it in place and it's all ready to go into the machine. We'll just pick the whole thing up, take it over to the machine now, where it has the resting place where you can put it down. You make sure that the chicken is centered and it's all set. You pick it up, center it in the machine and there it is.


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