How to Do Pigtail French Braids: Cute Hairstyles

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Learn how to do pigtail French braids with a long hairstyle with expert hair styling tips in this free beauty video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Tips for Long Hairstyles
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Video Transcript

In this segment, I'm going to show you how to do two French braids, one on either side of the head. So we've already gone ahead and done one side already. I'm going to show you how to do the other half to match it. So you want to make sure you split your hair right down the middle in the back so there's an even amount of hair on both sides. Now the front, however you want to do your part, if you part your hair a little more on one side that's fine, just as long as in the back you're getting an equal amount of hair. Because on this, as you'll see when we turn around, she does have her hair parted more to one side, but it shouldn't affect the look. So you want to take three equal pieces of hair from the top of the head, and you want to start folding pieces from the side over into the middle. Every time you fold a piece over, you want to take hair from the other side and grab it. Fold it over, and again, take some more hair from the side and fold it into the middle hair left on the side. You really want to make sure you're grabbing all the extra hair, you don't want to leave any pieces behind. Grab equal pieces, equal amount of hair on both sides so it's a nice even braid, French braid going all the way down. Make sure you're keeping it nice and tight. When you get to the bottom, make sure you're grabbing all this extra hair down here. I'm just going to keep braiding the hair all the way down. You want it to match this side, so you're going to have to clip it about there. You can choose to braid it all the way down if you want. I like to leave a little bit of hair on the bottom, just in a regular ponytail. There we have, this piece is a little loose, so you could do a couple of things. You can either rebraid it, just that bottom part, or you can go ahead and take a clip and just clip it up there. So we have a French braid, and from the front. And if you want to see more of my up-dos, watch some more of my segments here on Expert Village.


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