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How to section hair for hair highlights; get professional tips and advice on methods and techniques on styling your hair in this free beauty video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia and on behalf of we'll be talking about highlighting at home. The whole idea behind sectioning is to have complete control over the hair at all times. How you mess up color is you lose control of the hair. So if your sectioning for let's say permanent color your going to want to completely section the hair into 4 sections. Section the hair off like this, and that way you have complete control of the hair at all times. So this is what your hair would look like if your sectioning off for pernmanet hair color. Now if your sectioning it off for hightlights, that depends on the technique that your going to use. If your going to be using a cap you don't really need to really section. You just want to make sure you brush that hair first to get all the tangles out then apply the cap. However, if your going to be foiling it yourself or combing the color through, then your going to want to figure out where you want those hightlights to begin and then section that hair off. So any hair that you don't want near you, you want to make sure you completely section it away from your workspace. So that way it doesn't get caught up and you don't have any overlaps. This hair here obviously we leave that down because that's the natural color. So this would be where we would begin painting that hightlight because that's where we would want to begin it. Then we would just paint the highlight there. Now, as far as painting highlights, you can then put a piece of cotton there, and as you drop your next section and section if off, that cotton will stick to the product and stay where it needs to stay, so that way you don't get the bleeding. And then you would go back and bring your next section down and paint your color in. And that's how you maintain complete control of the hair and hightlight your hair at the same time.


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