How to Modify a Classroom to Teach Behavior

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Modifying the classroom to adjust to the behavior of children. Learn how to teach and understand the behavior of children in this free video on parenting and education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Pam on behalf of Expert Village, and now we're going to talk about understanding behaviors in children. Another way to help stop bad behavior before it even starts is to take a look at the classroom environment that you have around you. Is it free from clutter, is it orderly? Are the shelves properly labeled? Now, if things are labeled, there aren?t a lot of clutters. This is going to speed up your transition time between activities. Transition times are downtime it's an easy place for kids to get rambunctious, start pushing, start fighting, so if you can have things more organized and ready to go it's going to lower your transition times. For instance, materials should be stored in low open easy to reach shelves. All shelves and things should be at the child's level. Remove puzzles if they're too crowded on a shelf. Display blocks and blocks accessories clearly. If you need to, move the room around. You want to make sure that there's enough room that children feel that they have the freedom to move and to use their large muscle skills. You want to make sure that they can make their own choices about things that you have enough for them to do, but not too much that they just can't handle everything that's going on. Check to see that all of the dividers between the activity centers are low enough so that you can easily supervise. Children know when you can't see them.


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