Pelvic Tilt Exercises for Pregnant Women

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Learn how to a perform pelvic tilt, a safe and effective prenatal fitness exercise, from a professional personal trainer in this free pregnancy exercise video.

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Video Transcript

The next exercise I’m going to demonstrate is a supine pelvic tilt. Go ahead and lie flat on the mat, hands down by your side, contracting the transverse abdominals, you’re going to lift your glutes squeezing the glute muscles, tilting your pelvic up off of the floor and slowly lower back down, squeeze as you lift and exhale as you lower. Lift, only lift as high as you possibly can, exhale as you lift, inhale lower. And you can do this exercise if you are experiencing diastasis and if you’re not. Exhale lift and lower. This can also be done standing, if you’re feeling a little bit nauseous or light headed, you can stand and tilt your pelvic up and lower. Exhale lift and lower. Try not to arch your back when you drop your pelvis to the floor, you’re just going to come flat and lift and lower. Very good, make sure you breathe, exhale and inhale. Perfect. And lower. Good.


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