Chest Press Exercises for Pregnant Women

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Learn chest press exercises, a safe and effective prenatal fitness exercise, from a professional personal trainer in this free pregnancy exercise video.

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Video Transcript

Okay the first exercise I’m going to demonstrate to you is a chest press. We’re going to go ahead and work on the upper body extremities first. It’s very important to strengthen your upper body so that when you have your baby, you’ll be strong enough to carry him or her, carry the stroller, carry the car seat, diaper bags, et cetera. The best thing to use during pregnancy is probably 1 to 3 pound dumbbell weights, these are the best things to use, and you do not want to use resistance tubes during your pregnancy. Chest presses I’m going to demonstrate first lying on your back, if after 4 months you experience dizziness or light headedness or nausea, you don’t want to lie flat and I’ll demonstrate an alternative way to do the exercise. Chest presses on the mat your knees are going to be bent, lying flat down, your abdominals are going to be tightened, arms are going to come out to the side 90 degree angle from the elbow to the shoulder and elbow to the wrist. You’re going to exhale, breathing is very important. Press up over you head and press the dumbbells, inhale as you lower, exhale extend up and inhale as you lower. You want to make sure that you have a loose grip on the weights, you don’t want to squeeze really-really tight, you’ve got to get blood flowing through those muscles, very important for you to inhale and exhale as you exercise. Exhale on the exertion, inhale on the release. Again your weights do not want to be heavy; you’re only doing this to maintain strength, not to gain strength. Inhale and exhale. Good and exhale. And if this is too difficult for you, again if you experience light headedness or dizziness go ahead and sit on your mat Indian style, abdominals are tight, sitting upright, arms are going to come out to the side, your light weights are in your hands, loose grip – close the elbows and open out to the side. Make sure you breathe and open, inhale and open. Very good. Breathe and open, good.


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