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Microsoft's presentation software PowerPoint has become a standard in computer-run slides. Learn to use visual aids like PowerPoint from a professional public speaker in this free business video.

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Okay, the next visual aide you might want to consider, and I recommend that you do this at one point in your life. It may not be for the particular presentation or speech you're working on right now but, I think in the world that we live in today, you should at some point choose computer visual aide. And what I'm talking about, it's called Power Point. And it's basically a computer-generated slide show. You can put anything you want in the computer, download any pictures, any charts, any graphs, you can add in words, you can add in phrases, you can add in, you know, cute little comics, whatever it is. It is very, very popular today. Now the thing about a Power Point presentation is it is very time-consuming to put together. Now obviously the more you do it, the faster you get. But, it is very, very showy, in the sense of it is, gives your audience wonderful visuals to enhance what you're talking about. And with a punch of a button, say you can just click your slides to go with what you're saying. So, you're not really having to manipulate visuals. You are simply working with the computer to show the slides of documentation, of pictures, of maps, anything that you want to present in your Power Point. You can add music, you can enhance it any way you want, and it can be a brief presentation, it can be a presentation that you put together before your speech, or for use during your speech. But, there's a lot you can do with it and so it's a really great choice especially depending on the length of your speech. If you're doing anything longer than four minutes, I would definitely consider doing a Power Point.


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